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We specialize in wedding planning and design with the intention of being by your side from the beginning (typically 10+ months out.)

From micro-weddings to large guest counts, our commitment to you is driven by expression of your love story and style.

If you are looking for coordination, we offer 3 month coordination which provides an elevated and more in depth approach.

Based in New Mexico, travel ready!


This is the ultimate event planning package. With full lead from Luna Designs, we will go on venue site visits, source all vendors from top to bottom and more. Luna Designs will be the main form of contact the entire journey to give you the opportunity to enjoy your engagement.

Starting at: 
Microwedding (<50)  - $5000
Full Wedding (>50) - $7000


For the couple that wants to be involved but need a professional to step in and guide them. We will split up duties in sourcing and booking vendors. Communication takeover begins 90 days prior to your wedding. 

*most popular*

Starting at: 
Microwedding (<50)  - $2560
Full Wedding (>50) - $3200


This is for the couple that already has everything set in stone- all vendor selections & decor. BUT you just need someone to take over and tie up all the loose ends 90 days prior, manage vendors, set up personal decor, and run the wedding day.

Starting at: 
Microwedding (<50)  - $1650
Full Wedding (>50) - $2050


We specialize in turning your event dreams into reality, collaborating closely with you to create a cohesive and attainable vision. From decor to floral arrangements, Luna Designs handles every detail, ensuring your wedding reflects your love story. Our package includes comprehensive assistance with decor selection, color schemes, and more, brought to life through elaborate design boards and expert execution on your special day. Leave the logistics to us as we manage design related vendors and set the stage for your dream wedding.

Starting at $2200

Pricing is tiered based on guest count.


If you seek extra attention to your decor and don't require coordination, this package is crafted just for you. While you've diligently arranged the particulars and gathered the essentials, let us bring your vision to life while you savor the precious moments of your wedding morning with cherished family and friends.

With a keen eye for design, entrust us to oversee the visual finesse and last-minute embellishments, granting you the freedom to wholeheartedly revel in commemorating your union with your beloved partner.

Starting at $1150

Pricing is tiered based on guest count.


We know that florals are expensive (rightfully so!) The cost and labor of love that trained florists put into them is unmatched. But we also recognize that not everyone has a huge budget to attain their design goals. We specialize in faux floral design installations and decor. If you are interested in this service, please reach out to schedule a call so we can discuss your vision and needs.

Each project is special so you will receive a custom quote.



your love

Without hesitation or question, I strive to provide a welcoming environment for all individuals who engage with me and my work. It is a privilege to cultivate an inclusive and safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples.


READY TO PLAN YOUR dream wedding?!

Share your vision with us and we'll work out the best plan for your special day. Contact us today to schedule a free discovery call!

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