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Lauren's wedding in La Jolla California

It's me, HI!

Lauren here.

Luna Designs LLC is a wedding and event planning firm that strives to tell YOUR story. 

We want to not only be one of your wedding vendors, but also become your friend and confidant during this time. We want to be the person to talk to if you have a crazy idea and don't know if it's something you should follow through on. We want to be your #1 biggest fan and biggest supporter to ensure you feel incredibly special. You want to eat Taco Bell after the ceremony? Let's do it. Have a charcuterie tower? I'm in. Show off your sweet dance moves and be the life of the party? I'll be right there with you (if you ask!)

Vintage, classic, modern and moody styles come naturally to us but we relish in the excitement of colorful, playful, rustic and whimsical aesthetics. 

Having a professional background in hospitality for ALL of my adult life plus some, the ability to be fluid and step into someone else's shoes is well within my wheelhouse! From customer service, management, productivity and communication skills, you'll be sure to have a well rounded advocate on your side. 

Lauren Jones, event planner

Are you ready to get started?


Here have a business card!

1. I am a lover of all things Disney!
2. I'm a Water Sign (can you guess?)​
3. My go-to coffee order is an iced americano with a little bit of vanilla​
4. I love a dry and bold glass of red wine
5. I named my business after my sassy calico cat, Luna, and I also have a sweet kitty named Binx!

What is our ideal client?

You prefer to have a beveragino during our meetings- whether it's a coffee, tea, glass of wine or spicy marg!

We should be able to chat, laugh, and talk like friends because we will be spending lots of time together. 

You love animals, tv shows, chatting about pop culture, snacking on charcuterie, and might have an addiction to Trader Joe's...

If you value design and aesthetics, we are a good fit- no matter what design preferences you have. 

If you know what you want but are flexible and understand the important of compromise. 

If you love exploring when you're on vacation and value experiences more than physical items. 

You are easy to talk to, and value communication as much as I do (which is a lot!)

I want to make this special time in your life stress free and FUN! Let's make memories, become friends, and create something beautiful that will last a lifetime.

Lauren is extremely detail oriented and is dedicated to fine tuning your events
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